cultural apologetics

Building Flyovers with contemporary culture

Encountering Pop-culture, Engaging lives

Encountering Pop-Culture, Engaging lives – a course on cultural apologetics intends to equip Christian young people to be conversant about the beauty, truth and goodness of Christian answers to life, and most importantly defend the Christian Hope. The interactive course is designed to help participants explore the “quest”-ion,” why-I-live-what-I-believe”.

Course Outline

  • Engaging with Urban Sub-Culture
  • The case for cultural apologetics
  • Understanding goodness, Truth and beauty
  • Faith, arts and culture
  • Engaging with images, information and ideas.
  • Multiplex solutions – revisiting ‘fill-o-sophies’
  • Faith in a Machine world: Revisiting work
  • Are there rules to live by? Revisiting moral frameworks
  • Bringing goodthings to life: Revisiting consumerism
  • Games people play: revisiting leisure
  • Be what want to be: Revisiting Alternative lifestyles
  • Storykeeping in an information age